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    Martytoof got a reaction from abecedarian in More back-to-basics project. Breadboarding a bare Stellaris (or other) chip.   
    Haha, well I could have used a Stellaris M3 class chip which are in good availability, but to be 100% honest the lack of a Stellaris prototype board (still on order, exp. ship December) led me to pick up the NXP chips since I could buy an LPCXpresso 1768 board which will be delivered on Monday. As much as I crow about vendor independence, while I'm starting out I'd prefer to keep both my prototype board AND my project board on the same chip.
    So in this case, yeah I think TI sort of lost my "business" by delaying the Stellaris LP so long. But it's not a big deal. I'll go back to investigating Stellaris chips once I have a prototype board in my hands.
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    Martytoof reacted to scompo in ICDI support in OpenOCD   
    Got it working.
    Really nice to use, great job and really useful!
    I've made a tutorial on how to build openocd and debug a simple code in gdb, if anyone it's interested it's here.
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    Martytoof reacted to torouva in J-Link debugger for $20   
    Just placed order. Let you know when it arrives..
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