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  1. Thanks a lot ! Problem solved After grounding R/W pin display started to work. Thanks guys !
  2. Unfortunately still display doesn't work. One additional question. Where do you connect RW pin of the LCD? Is it just floating? Edit: I've just grab another 16x2 LCD and there is exactly the same effect. Maybe then it is some kind of settings in your Code Composer? Did you set something in your project what could be not set automatically after import?
  3. Hi, I've downloaded lab2_revised.zip from your first post. Yeah - I'll make sure that connections are proper. That might be weak point. I'll let you know if that will work. Thanks for answer.
  4. I've just try to use your driver with my display. Something went wrong. I need a little bit help/hint. That is what I can see on display: I assume that display is OK since it is working well with arduino.
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