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  1. Yeah, it woul've been great if TI decided to use a 3V3 supervisor after the LDO, and not a 5V one on the USB / battery side. They propably had a reason to do it that way, good engineering practice maybe. But it is not that hackable as it could be This should work fine, unless you pick the wrong balancer port and put 8V4 in it instead of 4V2 The current draw of the launchpad is minimal compared to the current draw of the steppers, so there shouldn't be any unbalancing happening. You should however add some kind of software voltage supervisor to switch the steppers off if the voltage
  2. ouuh, free awards for everyone! i would consider myself as an early adopter http://forum.43oh.co...__20#entry21255 http://blog.psten.de...ontinue_reading aswell as Also attached here as backup.
  3. You can use the Stellaris Launchpad with a single cell LiPo on the +VBUS connector, if you disable the onboard voltage supervisor. More details can be found on my blog: http://blog.psten.de...tellaris-rocket I posted this on 43oh.com and bluehash asked me to post it here, too, so there you have it
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