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    dhewgill1426459865 reacted to BravoV in FREE TI Launchpad ... hurry !   
    UPDATE : It looks like the coupon code is no longer valid.
    -- ADMIN EDIT--

    Below is a statement from TI.
    Ok, not actually free, but I think this deal should be good enough for everybody, just see for yourself my invoice below, not bad eh ? 
    A 25$ coupon code from Texas Instruments.

    Coupon code: National-1yr
    Its valid until 30-September.
    Ordered two EK-TM4C123GXL launchpads for just $0.98 and with free shipping ! 

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    dhewgill1426459865 got a reaction from james1426471350 in [Closed]Tell us your idea and win a free C2000 Launchpad.   
    I would try to make it the heart of a programmable 3-phase power supply as a piece of lab equipment. Some ideas for features:
    - per phase power factor variation.
    - per phase voltage magnitude.
    - variable frequency.
    - fixed current output.
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