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  1. Hi Everyone,What are the speculated list of OSes / RTOSes which might run on the Stellaris Launchpad ? Do FreeRTOS, eCos, or Linux (or armlinux) figure in them ? I am presuming if Linux or armlinux can be ported, it would need external flash which is absent on the board. Can this be overcome with a booster pack ? What kind of changes should one anticipate while porting the above ? And what should anyone watch out for ?Regards,Pixelhaze
  2. Hi Everyone, I am a UX/UI specialist from Bangalore, India. What draws me into this forum? I am passionate about embedded graphics and user interfaces which also happens to be my profession. My professional work involves a lot of usability and user interface related projects right from rack mounted devices to touch screen based handheld devices. My education includes a Masters from University of Sussex, Brighton, UK and a Bachelors in Engineering from MVIT, Bangalore, India. My hobby ranges from animations in Blender 3D to fabricating PCBs at home designed using Kicad.
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