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  1. Take a look at www.hertaville.com for a development setup in Windows 7. Hope it helps! Hussam
  2. Hello all, I noticed that there is a great tutorial for the STM32F0Discovery Board Development Environment Setup (Code Sourcery + Eclipse + OpenOCD) For the Linux OS on this forum. I have a similar tutorial (ARM-GCC + Eclipse + OpenOCD 0.6.0) for MS Windows 7 for those that do not have a Linux box. The tutorial can be found at www.hertaville.com. I also have some interesting information on the GCC build process and on using the GPIO for the STM32F0 Microcontroller. I hope that you find the tutorial to be helpful and appreciate your feedback. Regards, Hussam
  3. I believe that the Coocox Development environment supports the STM32F4Discovery Board. The development tool is free with no limitations coocox.org
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