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  1. I'm trying to start keeping my MSP430 code as clean as most of my other projects. Also, I'd like to release some projects on GitHub. But I'm finding it to be quite difficult. Problem is, in a project that uses CCS and Grace, a single main.c explodes into (at a first approximation) 1.54 bazillion files. Some of them are generated on every build, some are not. I'm looking for advice, preferably in the form of a .gitignore file
  2. This project is spectacularly important. I could really use an inexpensive USB interface in many MSP430 projects, where an FT232RL is simply out of the question because of the price! Most of the time I only really need a simple UART. Congratulations on your first successes, and I'm hoping to see more soon.
  3. Hey, thanks for posting the Gerbers. They should be fine for folks ordering from iteadstudio.com as well (they use the same pcb house as seeed does). This is great work!
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