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    Ferb reacted to igor in Shields compatibility and interoperability   
    Ferb - Can you provide link to the shield? Might be easier to answer if could see details.
    Would almost certainly involve some programming to access.
    Just looking around a bit I found this
    about somebody building an Arduino memory expansion.
    The memory part they used looks to be 5 volt, so adapting might be needed.
    But there are 3 volt capable SRAM modules.
    Even found one available in a DIP package
    (512K x 8 SRAM)
    I think if one added a couple of latches
    (e.g. SN74AHC373NE4 )
    Plus the usual capacitors
    Then work out the timing for a driver.
    One might come up with a memory add-on for the Stellaris LP.
    Would take about 1316 I/O pins.
    (Caveat - I am more of a software sort, just dabble in hardware, may have overlooked something. I mention the DIP chips because easier to connect, but plenty of other options for
    those with more soldering skill.)
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    Ferb reacted to bluehash in Quadcopter on the cheap!   
    Very interested! I flew mine on a maiden yesterday. I'm using CC3D as a controller which is based of an STM32. I can give you alot more information if you want. Very eager to see your progress.
    Also, Stellarisiti has Blogging support, so you can continue a build log in this thread and also write to your blog about any milestones.
    This is mine:

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    Ferb reacted to bluehash in Quadcopter on the cheap!   
    My practice frame was made of CF rods and plates. I made sure that Motor to Motor distance was 500mm, which is the usual. The easiest way to go about it is to buy "warthox" center plates and get your CF arms from Hobby King. That will make a perfect quad.
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    Ferb got a reaction from wrecker in Stellaris Launchapd: help for beginners   
    Hi wrecker,
    Thanks for your answer. No, I'm not familiar with any programming language but, I'vr always been interested in learning C programming. I've a very old book for C programming (wrote in 1999 or 2000, more or less).
    I'll check for a newer version.
    A man from TI has called me few minutes ago on the phone. I ask for a change in shipping address and he told me I have to wait...almost a month from 25th of september. A bunch of 12.500 stellaris launchpad units has been requested...
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