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  1. Thank you, Igor. This is the shield that I was talking about. http://shieldlist.org/swfltek/fram Becasue off, I repeat, I'm a newbie and I'm approacing this world, little by little, I'm not sure about what I see around MCU's world, so' I have to learn from you :-) This shield is multi voltage capable. :-)
  2. Thank but...I found yesterday one shield for arduino, capable of memory expansion. Tech notes wrotes about 'library'. Bcause of I'm a newbie, I guess that, if you like to use it, you have to write brand new library to be used with C and CCS instead of 'Arduino IDE'. Am I wrong?
  3. My estimated shipping date is november, 2nd. In the meantime, as I wrote few weeks ago, I'll study about C programming and MCU. I was wondering if could make sense to buy an MSP430 to start playing with.
  4. Thank you very much, Oppa; Mechanicall compatibility would not be a disaster while voltage could take just a little effort more, I guess. Bu the way your answer solved my question because I'm e newbie and this means my brain works fine! @wrecker thanks. But, can you supply me a list or a place to take a lock for booster packs?
  5. Hi folks, because of I'm a noob, can someone explain me if is possible or not to use the huge ammount of arduino's shields with the coming stellaris launchpad? Thanks
  6. Hello world! I own a MacBookPro with SnowLeopard. I've already installed Xcode platform which is supposed to be able to compile "c" files. There's even a gcc running from command line. I was wondering if this would be enought or if tehere's something better. Thanks
  7. Hi starhawk, You wrote you're a newbie but...I'n not sure about it! :-) By the way, last night I found this post here (http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4467663). Bluehash wrote about stellarisiti in the last post but, if you take a look in the middle of the post, there's a guy talking about some possible use of Stellaris Launchpad and there's a little compare against the Stellatis MSP430 Launchpad, as well. For the administrator: is there a section on stellarisiti dedicated to external links/resources? Thanks.
  8. Thank you, rbasoalto. I'll save in "my favorites" on eBay for future purpose.
  9. Hello, rbasoalto. Do uou think this module is suitable for Stellaris? Description of the auction talks about Arduino. Ehrm, forgive my question but I'm a totally newbie of this world. Thanks Ferb
  10. Hi wrecker, Thanks for your answer. No, I'm not familiar with any programming language but, I'vr always been interested in learning C programming. I've a very old book for C programming (wrote in 1999 or 2000, more or less). I'll check for a newer version. A man from TI has called me few minutes ago on the phone. I ask for a change in shipping address and he told me I have to wait...almost a month from 25th of september. A bunch of 12.500 stellaris launchpad units has been requested...
  11. Hello, as I wrote in my presentation post, I'm totally new to MCUs and programming. I've always loved to start using Arduino stuffs but, because off the cheap cost of Stellaris Launchpad, I decided to buy it. I'd like to know where can I start from in the meantime. Books, sites, tutorials, manual...anything in your mind are accepted. My goal is to realize something different from a "blinking led" Thank you very much and...thrilled to begin.
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