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  1. It will take some time until this tracking number appears on DHL's website. If your delivery address is in some European country, TI usually ships whole pallets weighting 500-600 kg to the Netherlands (Amsterdam). Your ordered items will usually be with you in 1-2 days after the pallet lands in Amsterdam
  2. R/W pin should not be left floating. Tie it to ground (1 = Read, 0 = Write) - the library just writes commands to the LCD module
  3. Hello, I'm following this forum since I pre-ordered my Stellaris Launchpads. I had a week to familiarise with the new Launchpad, so now it is about time to introduce myself My first goal will be to make some Optrex LCD character displays to cooperate with the Stellaris. Then I'll move exploring the various peripherals - I'm mostly interested in I2C and SPI. I have some CC2500 modules, I'd like to see those paired with the new Launchpad I'm also a member on 43oh.
  4. Wow, excellent job, abecedarian! Your solder joints look nice and shiny. I wish I could be multitasking like you - when I'm soldering, nothing else can get my attention
  5. I received my two launchpads on 8th October, a colleague received her two on 5th October. We both pre-ordered them on 31st August. I've tried most of the StellarisWare examples, working great in CSS on Windows 7. Now fighting with some Optrex LCDs scavenged from office phones
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