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    wrecker reacted to bluehash in [CLOSED]Tell us your Stellaris Launchpad idea and win a free LM3S8962 OLED Kit   
    A small giveaway...
    Tell us what you will do with the LM3S8962 OLED/CAN kit or the Stellaris Launchpad. If we like your idea, we'll ship it to you free. Simple.
    Also, big thanks to TI for sending over the kit.
    Contest ends September 16th, 2012

    Kit specifications:
    Kit link: EKT-LM3S8962 Ethernet+CAN Evaluation Kit
    LM3S8962 Evaluation Board
    Stellaris LM3S8962 MCU with fully-integrated 10/100 embedded Ethernet controller
    OLED graphics display with 128 x 96 pixel resolution
    User LED, navigation switches, and select pushbuttons
    Magnetic speaker
    LM3S8962 I/O available on labeled break-out pads
    Standard ARM® 20-pin JTAG debug connector with input and output modes
    Standalone CAN device board using Stellaris LM3S2110 microcontroller
    Ethernet cable, CAN ribbon cable, USB and JTAG cables
    Quickstart sample application runs with or without Ethernet (direct connection to your PC), right out of the box

    Congratulations! Thank you all for participating!
    Enteries/Winners(All entries get a kit)
    Fred - Keyless Entry via Paxton RFID Reader
    Athuli - Telephone Switch
    _txf_ - Remote Sensing Base Station
    igor - Programmable Thermostat with Savings Report
    abecedarian - ECU Timing Adjustment via CAN
    You can order your Kit from "The 43oh Store" - Link
    PM me for your coupon code. Also, any international order will have to work with me to get through. The shop only allows US orders.
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    wrecker reacted to Automate in Frequency analyzer built from the new Stellaris Launchpad   
    From HAD, the Stellaris is not shipping yet "But [EuphonistiHack] works as a software dev for TI and snagged one of the early development units."

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    wrecker reacted to Ferb in Stellaris Launchapd: help for beginners   
    Hi wrecker,
    Thanks for your answer. No, I'm not familiar with any programming language but, I'vr always been interested in learning C programming. I've a very old book for C programming (wrote in 1999 or 2000, more or less).
    I'll check for a newer version.
    A man from TI has called me few minutes ago on the phone. I ask for a change in shipping address and he told me I have to wait...almost a month from 25th of september. A bunch of 12.500 stellaris launchpad units has been requested...
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    wrecker got a reaction from Automate in Bluetooth to Stellaris to PurePath demo project   
    Just found this on youtube. 25m range through walls.
    This demo showcases streaming music from a Bluetooth enabled smart phone to a CC256x radio using the A2DP profile. The host processor is a LM3S9D96 ARM Cortex-M3 that is hosting the A2DP demo available with the A2DP evaluation kit featuring Bluetopia from StoneStreet One. Using a 3.5mm auxillary to composite audio cable and the PurePath Wireless Audio evaluation kit, the master CC8530 streams gapless music to four CC8530 slaves which is being output through four speakers. Here are the links to each evaluation kit. All of the evaluation kits used in this demo are from Texas Instruments.

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    wrecker reacted to Automate in Kentec Display OLED and LCD BoosterPacks   


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    wrecker got a reaction from bluehash in Notes on setting up a Stellaris Toolchain with GCC   
    Found this while trying to setup a toolchain for Stellaris. I have the LM3S9B92 board for now.

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