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  1. Sure: TI BoosterPack listing List of community BoosterPacks from 43oh - There are almost 80! and you can buy most of them at the 43oh store.
  2. Will a adapter boosterPack work? However I'm not sure how ADC voltages would be made compatible. I find Arduino shields a bit expensive while the msp430 boosterPacks so far are pretty low priced.
  3. Hmmm..It will work alright... but how will you memory map it?
  4. I made a post here earlier in the project section Linux on Stellaris M3 - Is this real? which I found on youtube. I have no idea how it's being done. If you think about it, the Stellaris Launchpad is controlled by an LM4F chip that does not support external SRAM( EPI interface) like the other Stellaris chips, so it's a bit difficult. The Stellaris is great for controlling actuators or running displays. It was certainly not meant for running Linux. There are other architectures like the broadcom on the RaspberryPi or the beagle board which are designed for it. Hope this helps and does
  5. They shouldnt be teasing us sooo much. The LP really looks cool though.
  6. Are you familiar with C programming. You will use it alot for embedded systems. C Programming Language (2nd Edition) by K&R is a standard book. Also, start looking into StellarisWare. You will be amazed at the quality of code in there and how fast you can get up and running. Keep asking questions!
  7. I just created mine. Comments appreciated. I'm sure this feature will be useful for blogging projects: My first post: http://forum.stellarisiti.com/blog/2/entry-2-thoughts-on-the-5-stellaris-launchpad/
  8. Link: http://armpit.sourceforge.net/ Look interesting, programmed using scheme. Alot of the other arm boards are supported.
  9. Via Dangerous Prototypes http://www.ti.com/ww/en/launchpad_site/stellaris.html?DCMP=stellaris-launchpad&HQS=stellaris-launchpad-bhp Make sure you guys enter in.
  10. Just found this on youtube. 25m range through walls. This demo showcases streaming music from a Bluetooth enabled smart phone to a CC256x radio using the A2DP profile. The host processor is a LM3S9D96 ARM Cortex-M3 that is hosting the A2DP demo available with the A2DP evaluation kit featuring Bluetopia from StoneStreet One. Using a 3.5mm auxillary to composite audio cable and the PurePath Wireless Audio evaluation kit, the master CC8530 streams gapless music to four CC8530 slaves which is being output through four speakers. Here are the links to each evaluation kit. All of the evaluation k
  11. Lets see.. StellarisWare, boosterPack ecosystem(there are over 30 boosterpacks for the MSP430 which can be ported over). Rich peripheral interface.. more than any out there. Floating point in hardware.
  12. Hello bluehash, Since you handle all three forums, is is possible to have one login for all the forums. That will greatly help.
  13. I think you meant DRV8830. The DRV8832 has a PWM control interface.
  14. Their initial price is $5. It's not much, but I can see it hurts sometimes. However you will not regret it
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