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    StellarisMarkTI got a reaction from bluehash in Stellaris Launchpad shipping details   
    Hi guys -- I just wanted to answer some of your questions and give some clarification around the Stellaris LaunchPad shipping dates.
    If you pre-ordered a LaunchPad (or two) through TI's eStore and your original shipment date was within the 2-4 week period -- You will get your first LaunchPad order within that 2-4 week period (some may be sooner).
    If you submitted a LaunchPad pre-order through TI's eStore and the shipment date was listed as 2-6 weeks (generally, for orders placed in the last week and a half) - it will ship by very early November, within the stated 6 week period.
    Since some people submitted several pre-orders, those additional packages will be shipped out at a later date (closer to 6 weeks after 9/25). TI is prioritizing all customers' first order before fulfilling any multiple orders.
    If you're seeing a November date on your first (or only) Stellaris LaunchPad order- rest assured, I just spoke with our team and your kit(s) will be shipped within that original 2-4 week window.
    Very sorry about the confusion.
    Mark Welsh
    Stellaris Communications
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    StellarisMarkTI got a reaction from bluehash in New Stellaris Launchpad?   
    Hi all -
    You guys are great investigators! I work on the Stellaris communications team at TI - and you guys were the first to post about the Stellaris LaunchPad online!
    We'll be revealing more details about our new product at the end of the month and it will be on sale in late September. I can't divulge the specs until Aug. 31st - but our team is really excited about this product. Hope you all will be too!
    Until then, if you want to try to win a free Stellaris LaunchPad - check out www.ti.com/stellaris-launchpad for more info.
    Mark Welsh
    Stellaris Media Relations
    Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI)
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