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  1. Thanks Fred and Automate. It costed me £180 for the prototype(mainly because of the board) but I did calculate a price estimate for production which was around £45. Have a look http://sonirajan.com/portoscope-part-2-overview/
  2. Does it? Its just my point and shoot camera from sony. I don't know much about DSLR photography, and I don't own a DSLR either. But thanks anyways
  3. Thanks Bluehash, yes I am proud of it. And thought I will put the design out so everyone can see it, hopefully improve it. The ADC is from Analog devices-> AD9218: 40MSPS;10-bit resolution but dual channel. So that, for dual input I do not switch the analogue circuit(for obvious reason) I use the dual ADCs and then switch the digital output into a single buffer. Works out pretty well
  4. Hello all, I am basically from India and studying electronics engineering at University of Southampton,UK. I love building electronics, and sharing it with other people, and checking out stuff which they are building. My recent build was this handheld oscilloscope, you should check it out. http://sonirajan.com/tag/portoscope/ Video: http://bit.ly/Lw5yhW `NiNjasoar (Rajan Soni)
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