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  1. I was at the E2E forums and there is a DesignStellaris 20120 section, but no entries. Is there a place I can browse through these projects?
  2. This just came up on the e2e forums.. there are unfortunately no PWM modules on the Stellaris Launchpad. ANyway we can get around this? Hardware PWMs are a really great feature.
  3. I was looking over the Stellaris Launchpad slide in the thread http://forum.stellar...aris-launchpad/ It lists 8 UART ports.. That is pretty impressive! imagine the number of sensors I can connect to it. Also USB-OTG. I come from an NXP background. This is a swiss army knife. mind=blown.
  4. Updated link. I think you have to register and download the binary using the board's serial number, or it must come with the kit cd.
  5. LPC3250 Developer's Kit from Embedded Artists. Fitted with an ARM9 LPC3250. Has enough memory/peripherals to run Linux. Extension board add an LCD screen. Processor NXP's ARM926EJ-S LPC3250 microcontroller in BGA package External Flash 128 MB NAND FLASH (1Gbit) 4 MB SPI-NOR FLASH (32Mbit) Data Memory 64 MB DDR SDRAM + 256 KB internal 16-bit data bus to DDR SDRAM Ethernet 100/10M Ethernet interface based on National DP83848 Ethernet PHY Clock Crystals 13.000 MHz crystal for CPU Dimensions
  6. Hi Fatih.. cool. I've done a little with the 1114.
  7. Recently joined in. The forums look pretty new, but I like it. Any of you have worked on the Xpresso kit?
  8. Hi guys!I just joined the forums. I used to work on the NXPXpresso.. so I voted for that.
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