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  1. The plc card is this one: http://www.beckhoff....2502_kl2512.htm I did this schematic: but I not sure if it will work
  2. Hi, I'm currently working in a project that I need to control a dc motor from a plc card, which provide a +24 pwm output... At this time I don't know how to drive this +24 pwm signal to the mosfet gate pin. Any idea or clue how I can solve this problem? Best regards
  3. Hey, I want to iniciate on RTOS but I don t know how to start, so I need advices! I read somethings about FreeRTOS and as I use the free version of Keil to program and they have the RTX... Regards
  4. ivitro


    I am just a beginner in microcontrolers xD, I learned longtime ago 8085 uP, and at 3 years ago 8051 and atmegas but I diceded bet on arm, since that I do small things with stm32f1 ( My first experience was with a primer2 ), and now with stm32f4 discovery! Last year I did a EV convertion ( unfortunately I didn t finish , was to much thing just for me ), and the LCD3310 project was to simulate a small computer board where you can see the battery state and comsuption. I like of 3310 LCD because it is very cheap and you can do a lot of thing with it!
  5. ivitro


    Hey there, I m Ivitro, Bluehash was who introduce me this forum by youtube, thanks This forum seems very nice and very well organised, I hope contribute for the community! regards
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