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  1. Hi I am experiencing a great amount of difficulties trying to work with stm32 chips under linux. I think I should go back one step and actualy understand the whole thing. I already got a basic understanding for most of the stuff ... but I feel like I am missing a solid foundation. It's like the wikipedia-articels - kind of fragmented. After I realises that I don't really know what an operating system is I read "Modern Operating Systems" which was great because it's easy to understand. (to be honest: I only read the snippets i could find in the web but It was enough for the basics )
  2. I don't know if there are debian packages. I would suggest installing the toolchain by hand. I followed this instruction http://www.stf12.org/developers/odev-linux.html
  3. Thanks so far. 1: I got it running for the Stm32M4 dicovery kit. (I followed a german instruction ... the link's probably not very helpfull for non-german-speaking folks ;-) ) 2: I did not get your template to run, it seems like you work on a windows pc ? When I switched the toolchain in the setting, all other settings were gone. (which is kind of understandable) 3: what's up with the st-link (the linux-version ) ? Debugging is quite painfull. It takes forever to upload a programm to the target device and debugging session crashes quite easy. Actually my plan was to get everything runni
  4. Well hello, this forum seems to be new (??) but you guys seem to be hanging out here quite a lot. I guess I am dumb... I have been trying to get my programming environment running for a .... long time by now. Each time i tried it did end up in frustration and I didnt touch it for a few month. I have got several STM32VLDISCOVERY - Bords and a STM32F4DISCOVERY - Board. My latest attemp was to setup eclipse with codesourcery, compile fof the SMT32F100 and debug with ST-Link (linux). Setting up codesourcery and eclipse is not a problem, but i never get the projects right. I end up havin
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