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  1. The BBB comes with one USB host port. Pansenti modified his BBB for two USB host port capability. It's not easy, but he has a good writeup on it. Not sure if he tested it.
  2. Just the video with an about description. More information in the video.
  3. This video shows how to install the Ubuntu onto the Beaglebone using linux. It also demonstrates how to install opencv and the python bindings for opencv. In addition, there is a brief intro to a small Python-opencv program which finds a green ball and reports its location.
  4. This Turkish website has a detailed writeup on how to change the speed setting on your BeagleBone from 500Mhz to 720mhz.
  5. Hello, I fount this forum via a google search link for BeagleBone projects. I'm still finding my way around here. Looks like a ton of arm forums at a single place... which is nice in a way. Anyway looks like im one of the first few over here. Hoping too contribute mostly in the beaglebone sub-forum.
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