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    liter reacted to brain in Configure USART 2 on STM32F4   
    Found this in my STM32 adventures. Keeping it here if anyone finds it useful. He has some more cool stuff. Check out his site.
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    liter reacted to timotet in STM32F4 gdbserver Error in "Initializing ST-Link device "   
    Some of these may seem like common sense but bear with me.
    Your usb cable is good?
    Are you using a usb hub?
    Your machine loaded the drivers for the f4 board when you plugged it in?
    It says STM32 STlink when you open devices and printers?
    Have you looked around on the ST e2e forum?
    I know that there is a STM32 stlink utility you can down load from here:http://www.st.com/in...duct/251168.jsp
    The latest usb drivers are there also.
    hope it helps
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    liter reacted to timotet in Discovery F4 kit error - undefined reference to `RCC_AHB1PeriphClockCmd'   
    Did you link the STM32F4 Stdperiph_Driver src folder to your project?

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