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  1. Thant's good news spec... are you with the OpenOCD team?
  2. Yes, you probably can. See the separation line in the above picture? However I have no idea what the USB OTG port is doing in the middle of that line.
  3. Thanks! This opens up signal processing on the M3 and M4 cores.
  4. NXP released a new M0 arm kit today - The LPC11U35 QuickStart Board. Pretty tiny for its size. made by Embedded Artists. Specifications: Processor NXP's Cortex-M0 LPC11U35 microcontroller in 33-pin HVQFN package. Program Flash 64 KB Data Memory 10 KB + 4 KB EEPROM Clock Crystals 12.000 MHz crystal for maximum execution speed and standard serial bit rates, including USB requirements. The LPC11U35 runs at frequencies up to 50 MHz. Interfaces / Connectors • All LPC11U35 I/O pins are available on edge expansion connectors, in DIL-30 structure suitable for bread board prototyping (dual 15 pos, 100 mil/2.54 mm pitch rows, 700 mil/17.78 mm apart). On-board USB Device interface, with mini-B USB connector and proper ESD protection. Dimensions 21 x 40 mm Power Flexible powering, with on-board 150mA 3.3V voltage regulator (can be powered from USB connector or an external +5V supply). Connectors All LPC11U35 I/O pins are available on connectors. mini-B USB connector. SWD/JTAG connector (0 mil/1.27 mm pitch, standard SWD/JTAG connector). Onboard reset generation and reset push-button. Push-button for enabling Bootloader mode of the LPC11U35. LED on pin PIO0_7. 2 pcs 1x15 pinlists included, but not soldered.
  5. Found this in my STM32 adventures. Keeping it here if anyone finds it useful. He has some more cool stuff. Check out his site. USART_2_STM32F4_Discovery.txt
  6. No not that. But it's alright. See attchment for what I meant. Did you by any chance program GPIOs in your application program that are also SWD pins. If yes, change your GPIO to something else for now. To reprogram the board, hold it in reset and try to connect immediately after you release reset. This will hopefully allow gdb to connect even before the chip starts its application program.
  7. I'm using Code Sourcery lite over eclipse. Is there anyway to plug this into eclipse?
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