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  1. An example on how to program the Olimexino-STM32 board with the STlink on a SFM32F0 Discovery.
  2. I'm not sure why he used a bunch of adapters instead of a single USB micro-usb B to a Type A female. Here it is anyway.
  3. Could you list your initialization script. It will be in the "Startup Debug/Analyze/Init" tabs.
  4. That's a load of STM32. Very good collection. How much does the gecko cost. I remember seeing a video on EEVBlog about its low power features.
  5. Freescale yesterday unveiled their M0+ coretex board - the low power version of the M0. EDAInsider has a good writeup on the freedom development board. You can also pre-order the board for $13 at Newark. Freedom Development Board Features: KL25Z128VLK4—Cortex-M0+ MCU with: 128KB flash, 16KB SRAM up to 48MHz operation USB full-speed controller OpenSDA—sophisticated USB debug interface Tri-color LED Capacitive touch “slider” Freescale MMA8451QR1 accelerometer Flexible power supply options Power from either on-board USB connector Coin cell battery holder (optional population opt
  6. A good rundown on the STM32 clock setup by Oliver Behr.
  7. I just got my STM32F4 kit and was looking for comparison between different software environments. This page is a good comparison for windows clients.
  8. jtag


    Hello, Newbie interested in the STM32 here. I just got my F4 kit and hoping to get an environment ready in the next few days. I got here through a google search for the STN32 board poll. I like the layout of this forum, compare to the STM32 community. Hoping to be a part of this group. Thanks for setting this up.
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