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  1. After struggling with the ST library, I looked for other solutions coding for the F4. So I found the RTOS Chibios and got productive much easier. I wrote some examples using the ADC, PWM and the microUSB using either libusb or a generic USB-CDC driver to connect it to the computer: https://github.com/Mathias-L I also already have a forum thread about them on the ChibiOS forums (1, 2). Note: You need the ChibiOS svn versions, since the STM32F4 USB driver is not yet in the stable release. Disclaimer: Since I am a noob at C, RTOS, uCs and much more, the code is not done by a professional, I
  2. I was wondering, maybe there was an interest in discussions about RTOSes? I started coding for the STM32F4 Discovery with ChibiOS and would be interested to read other peoples thoughts about different RTOS implementations.
  3. Hi, I have an STM32F4 Discover for about a month now, its the first microcontroller I ever used and I started to wonder if it was a good choice. For the money I payed (13€) it was definitely worth it, but I find it quite hard to program. I have a strong background in math and programming and I'm usually pretty good at figuring things out, but that nut is hard to crack for me. I got the summon-arm toolchain installed easily on linux, I got stlink working without a problem, but I didn't manage to configure eclipse to work with the ST Library. I tried several other things like libopencm3, chi
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