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  1. Hello, I'm looking for connecting a good camera to the beaglebone black for a research project. The raspberry pi has 5MP Camera Board Module support. It uses a dedicated CSI interface. Is the bone capable for such an interface? Even if there was, what about driver support. There are a few other camera capes(not as good as the pi one), including the Logitech 920, but am also looking into the future in case we need to go into production. Any inputs? Thanks!
  2. A tutorial on how to connect a temperature sensor - TMP36 to one of the analog ports of the Beaglebone.
  3. Is there a way to increase the stack size for the Stellaris Launchpad in CCS?
  4. TI just released a video describing the first project with the Stellaris Launchpad. Enjoy!
  5. You are so lucky to get your hands on one. Was there any reason not to use the mic on the board olimex itself?
  6. Over at E2E.. a TI employee mentioned the following:
  7. Also a higher resolution picture.
  8. The launchpad is on the eStore now. Took a pic of it if they take it down ... again.
  9. Sad to see it this way, but I understand from a community stand point.I have high hopes for this community Really eager for the LP.
  10. I wish.. but I'm asking for a lot, especially since it ocmes with USB-OTG ... all at $5.
  11. This looks like good news.. only $5! http://youtu.be/teZyF1IDtCM
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