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  1. Thomas Jesperson's twitter account just popped this project up.He was kind enough to share his project when someone asked for it in the comments. The STM32F4 kit connects to the ENC28J60 via spi. More interesting reviews at Thomas' page.
  2. Not much details on the code, but the very fact that it can do ~30fps on a 320x240 LCD is impressive. I'm not sure of the resolution of the lcd, but it sure looks like 320x240. Move plays through an sd card. More description at the guy's webpage here.
  3. A very detailed project on implementing home automation with the STM32 ARM Cortex-M3. Includes bluetooth, 315mhz radio, 320*480 touch panel LCD and a host of other peripherals. This was a part of a thesis. Documentation Schematics
  4. Picture courtesy Mike @Hackaday Mike Szczys put up a project template for compiling a project in gcc for the STM32F0 Discovery kit. He's using Code Sourcery as the toolchain. Link:Hackaday Code:Github
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