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  1. Hi Glenn, sorry about that ... I didn't make the connection based on your handle. Perhaps the broader question to the community ..... Has anyone successfully used a HD47780 LCD with a CC3200 launhpad?
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply, I have reached out to @Remixed123 to see if he can assist. As for a scope .... unfortunately I don't have one handy, I have however ordered one which is about 6 weeks away. The LCD is a 5V display, but I had read that it 'should' work with the 3.3v CC3200 ... perhaps this is not the case. Hopefully @Remixed123 can confirm how he was able to get it working.
  3. Hello, I have being working on getting a 20x4 LCD (HD44780) working on the CC3200 launchpad and have not been able to get it working. I have found a few posts with partial code and partial libraries but have not been able to find an SPI or I2C example that works. Does anyone have a working implementation of the HD44780 on the CC3200 in either I2C, Serial or SPI mode? This is seems to be the closest I have found ( https://github.com/remixed123/CC3200-hd44780-lcd ) ... but I am unable to get it working. If anyone has been able to get this working, could you send me a simple "hello wor
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