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    Friedl reacted to chicken in A new MSP430 coming [MSP432 ARM]   
    And the MSP432P401R page is starting to appear: http://www.ti.com/product/msp432p401r
    Edit: Real MSP432 family entry point here: http://www.ti.com/lsds/ti/microcontrollers_16-bit_32-bit/msp/low_power_performance/msp432p4x/overview.page
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    Friedl reacted to chicken in A new MSP430 coming [MSP432 ARM]   
    Nice find. A few observations:
    GPIO follows MSP430 naming convention (P1.0 vs. Tiva PA0) Peripherals names identical with MSP430F5xxx family (TA0..3, UCA0..3, UCB0..3) 24 analog inputs A0..23 8 SPI, 4 I2C, 4 UART BSL/SBW connector with same pinout as MSP430 target boards (not sure if that was also the case for Tiva) not identical, so probably not programmable with old launchpads No USB
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    Friedl reacted to Fred in A new MSP430 coming [MSP432 ARM]   
    I just notice that the CCS6.1 installation added the following link. It's for the MSP-TS432PZ100 target board. There's a full schematic, etc. but it doesn't give much more away about the MSP432 to be honest.
    There's also a broken link to CCS for MSP432 User's Guide (slau575).
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    Friedl got a reaction from bluehash in A new MSP430 coming [MSP432 ARM]   
    Via https://twitter.com/TXInstruments/status/574963568489136128 I found out that one can sign up for a newsletter regarding the release of the MSP432 at http://www.ti.com/ep-mcu-msp-432-twit-lp-launchalert-en
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