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  1. For those to lazy to read this document, here a good overview of the new MSP432 series (from the document linked above). 3.2 Peripherals The initial MSP432 family provides a blend of the ultra-low-power peripherals previously introduced in MSP430 and a number of new peripherals to provide enhanced performance. The shared peripherals operate in the same manners across MSP430 and MSP432 platforms, with the only exception being their interrupt signals and handling procedures due to the new Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller (NVIC) module on MSP432. Refer to Section 4 for more details on porting MSP430 interrupt to NVIC. Register definitions and their descriptions in the header files are therefore identical across different families, enabling code reuse whether using register-level access or higher abstraction code such as MSP Driver Library. Some peripherals on MSP432 receive slight modifications and performance improvements over their MSP430 counterparts. One example is the ADC14, which is an improved version of the ADC12_B. While their shared features and operations can be leveraged and reused, the new and improved features such as improved resolution (from 12-bit to 14-bit) or increased sampling rate (from 200 ksps to 1 Msps) require new design and software considerations. The last group of peripherals on MSP432 that are new to the MSP platform are the peripherals that were derived or inherited from ARM such as the uDMA, Timer32, or SysTick. These modules add new functionalities to the device, and require further modification to the existing system and code to realize the new functions. Particularly with the uDMA module, extensive amount of features and capabilities were introduced that can be seen as an upgrade from the MSP430 DMA. Further investigation at the system design level should be paid to leverage these features in an MSP432 application.
  2. Anyone @TI please update http://msp432.com to redirect to the link above. Very much the same like http://msp430.com.
  3. Take a look in the datasheet http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/msp430g2553.pdfon page 21: From figure 1, you'll see that you can even run the MSP430 at up to 6MHz at 1.8V. BUT take care not to program the flash below 2.2V!
  4. Via https://twitter.com/TXInstruments/status/574963568489136128 I found out that one can sign up for a newsletter regarding the release of the MSP432 at http://www.ti.com/ep-mcu-msp-432-twit-lp-launchalert-en
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