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  1. Well, this must be another "everything you know is wrong" day. Contacted the guy up in Oregon and had him try the same methodology as I used, with no success. His system still will not upload, but mine will. Thus, I'm no closer to understanding what's going on here than I was when I started. Sitting here watching the lights blink - tweaked the demo to blink all four LEDs sequentially and send messages back on the serial port. Ironically, the messages are; "I am not alive", "(cough)", "(hack)", and "I am alive". The sequence repeats endlessly. Kind of mirrors the nature of progress here. Th
  2. OK, solution found. Apparently, the baud rate used by the uploader is "borrowed" from the setting set in the Serial Monitor utility. It seems that every time I enter energia, the baud rate is reset to 115,200 (contrary to what I stated above). This rate will not work for uploading, as Trey stated. So, just before starting a recompile/upload, reset the baud rate in the Serial Monitor to 9600, then immediately start the compile/upload. Switches set up-down-down, and S4 up. After compilation, takes maybe 20 seconds to upload. Not clear what the timing is from pressing the reset button to
  3. Congratulations on your success! Which specific version are you using? I'm using ti_cgt_c2000_6.4.2_windows_installer.exe. My energia version is from energia-0101e0014-windows.zip. Yours? Launchpad drivers are from xds100.zip. Thanks for the response.
  4. Not a problem - just wanted to do a sanity check and be sure what I'm trying to do is even possible. Since the C2000 is a specialized (and thus a less popular) processor, it wouldn't suprise me if the energia software or driver software has drifted away from the board firmware (updates being what they are, all being done by separate groups), and nobody noticed. If so, then trying to figure out what I screwed up here will be fruitless. I patiently await response(s). Side note: talked with a guy I'm working with up in Oregon who has the same board, same software, and same problem. His is
  5. No response... OK, let me ask a different form of the question: has anybody personally successfully uploaded a sketch to a C2000 Launchpad XL board using the above software combination? Want to be sure it's even possible before continuing this.
  6. A picture is probably best (click for large version): I do not see the LEDs flash (but that is probably datastream length dependent). The demo requires the Energia Serial Monitor utility to be set to 115,200, but that utility isn't used as a part of the upload (if it's like the one in the Arduino IDE). Serial Monitor default baud rate = 9600 unless specifically changed. Don't know what baud rate the 28027 is set for during upload. I know the com port selection is correct and the USB/serial link works because the board's preloaded demo data gets sent successfully to the Serial
  7. New to TI processors, but have lots of AVR time logged. Picked up a c2000 launchpad xl tms320f2802x board which has the tms320f28027ptt processor on it, for a power control project., Installed energia0101e0014 software with the xds100 drivers and ti_cgt_c2000_windows_installer compiler on a win 7 pro box. Can compile examples and run the on-board demo (including displaying temperature data returned from the board's pre-loaded demo sketch). So far, so good. The issue is, when I compile and upload a simple example sketch (in this case, examples.basic.blink), the sketch compiles and tries to
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