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  1. Hello everybody, edit: Forget it, it's not a Problem on the controller-side. Everything is working like expected, it's the Host-side: windows didn't realize the File had changed and just "reopened" the old one... I have a problem using the FatFS-library coming with MSPWare and the Mass-Storage-Class Implementation delivered with TI's USB-Dev-Package. I'm using a SD-Card to log some process data, which is working well. To access the data, I'm using the Mass-Storage-Class Implementation, like it is used in the examples delivered with the Dev-Package ("M2_SDCardReader"), which is working,
  2. I just did a clean installation of CCS6.1 and guess what:
  3. I found this yesterday: http://www.simplyhired.de/job-id/leqztivih2/software-ingenieur-jobs/ So I guess it's an Cortex (M0) based 32bit msp432
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