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  1. Can give codes for G2452? I'm coding ,using a G2452,but always have a problem on Init,CMD0 can not return 0x01
  2. sorry,those comments is in Chinese ,my english is poor. I rewrite ,LaunchPad can receive data form the computer using my GUI soft ,not only send data to computer. the GUI written by me is also funny,you can try it,it can run with your language of english automatically. calibration data is computed by the GUI, then send to LaunchPad . but ,tool menu of GUI is also only written in Chinese,sometimes,i will rewrite it in english. now too later,i would like to go to bed.
  3. I read the datasheet of 5110: at power-on,you set RES a low leve not a low pusle .I want to know is it safe?
  4. These are my works: (I can't post with URL?Please replace ";") wangfuchong;com/download/MSP430LaunchPad_GUI_Wangfuchong.rar wangfuchong;com/download/Temperature_Sense_Demo_Wangfuchong.rar[ see in chinese: deyisupport;com/question_answer/f/55/t/3950.aspx in tool menu The soft may be not stabilty,find some bugs?please contact to me sorry ,my engish is poor!
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