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  1. I agree that an MCU is largely successful because of its peripherals, but we should also realize that this is their first shipping product. Regarding test optimizations I think those considerations apply to everyone and the possibility of shutting down parts of the SoC should be regarded as a feature (I believe TI has configurabile RAM in the MSP432 as well) and one of the pillars of ULP. The other interesting note is that their test was conducted using GCC while most others used commercial compilers, which could be better optimized.
  2. These scores suggest a real >2x performance breakthrough in low power consumption from Ambiq Micro's Apollo device: http://www.eembc.org/ulpbench/index.php I wonder if this technology is really ready for prime time and how the current industry leaders (TI, STM etc...) will respond/react... What do you think?
  3. Great tool, I bought it last year through a similar deal. I wish SanTI Claus would come up with something for Code Composer Studio. Perhaps a mini-licence to board-unlock all the Launchpads to their full potential with this FET. It breaks my heart to say this, because I love TI's tools and the 430, but STM really has delivered a breakthrough: the UNLIMITED Keil MDK for free for all their M0/M0+ dev boards (including the ultra-cheap Nucleos). It's true we have unlimited GNU compilers (they do too) but argueably one of the most professionally used IDEs/compilers for a more capable (not necessari
  4. It seems to me that an even bigger deal is the absence of autonomous timer interrupts. Perhaps this isn't much of a problem (or is even an intended feature) for RTOS-based applications (since an RTOS is mandatory in Intel's implementation), but an MCU without timer interrupts appears quite crippled to me. Do the PRUs on the Sitara have this limitation too?
  5. Thank you Rei Vilo, Jpnorair and Spirilis, in fact I'm probably demoing on the G2 (I think it's an awesome Launchpad for beginners) but I will also bring a Wolverine and a Tiva (I don't have a 432 yet) to show them. I agree that low-power is the future, but it does add a level of complexity and is hard to approach without mentioning at least interrupts and peripherals. The fact that Energia does take LPMs into account is a great step forward, at least for learning that they do exist. I will mention cloud development, although it kind of defeats my purpose of focusing on debugging, as it's
  6. jpnorair, thanks for your great advice, I really appreciate your input.Code-wise I've added some breakpoints on my simple modified Blink sketch and created a customized debug perspective in CCS, so that I can show how you step into the code. I've added an expression to watch, along with the view in memory, so I'm hopeful that they get interested in debugging... Low power modes are a more complicated subject so I'll probably only mention them as opposed to delay cycles which are frequent in Arduino code...
  7. Hi everyone, I wanted some strategic advice from the Forum on an MSP event I'm organizing in Rome next week (everyone is invited, the link is at the end of the post). I'm trying to introduce the MSP hardware/software platform to an arduinocentric audience who is unaware of other - better in my opinion - options such as ours. For the hands-on part, I'm basically going to open up a sketch in Energia - which they will recognize as an "Arduino in red" - and then I want to migrate it into Code Composer Studio, in order to show them what a professional IDE is all about and what it offers. My idea
  8. The 4.32$ offer will only be available on May 2nd on the TI store but it won't be honored because it will be out of range of the April[] array and cause a segfault ;-)
  9. This is even more explicit (they mention MSP432-ARM Device Releases): http://jobs.climber.com/jobs/Management-Business/Freising-/MSP-IDE-Product-Manager-m-w-/84480583 IMHO it's a bit controversial to call it an MSP432 if it's an M0 part (with a different core and instruction set but at least the architecture is similar), but manufacturers are known to like naming confusion.
  10. Hello everyone, another TI user, this time from the eternal city... I have a bunch of MCU boards and a Tiva but I can't stop loving the 430s... Thanks for all the information and help you're handing out! Stefano
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