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  1. Hi,

    Im just getting that error on the serial console of Energia.


    I am using the first code example above, just chaning the address to google.com/.co.uk..


    Are there any sslConnect debugs I can enable to try get more information?



  2. Thanks.. even trying the above examples to any https site just keeps cycling. I just get "error connecting to www.google.co.uk"..


    Going by what you say, it should be connect without cert validation.


    I will give UniFlash a try..

  3. Hi Guys,


    Great topic!


    I've been trying to do a basic SSL connection to google.co.uk / google.com and these are not working - do I need to copy over any certificated to the CC3200? Is there any debug I can configure to see whats going wrong?


    If I need to upload a certificate, is this done using UniFlash?



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