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  1. Circuits@home has an open source design for this IC. I bought the bare pcb and built my own.
  2. Make sure that your router needs DC, I have seen a lot of models using 12v AC power.
  3. Got mine's last monday, Everything came perfectly. Also received 5 cc2500 modules to match the pcbs, now I can start playing, have a lot to learn. Big thanks to all the people who made this possible!
  4. Thanks Bluehash! Sorry for coming late on this...
  5. If for any reason is still possible, I would love to get 5 modules.
  6. How much would it be for 5 boards shipped to Spain?
  7. Hi PentiumPC, I have just found a bug, Plugin the USB IR toy from dangerous prototypes ( http://dangerousprototypes.com/docs/USB_Infrared_Toy ) on a mac with the launchpad drivers will result in a hard crash. Let me know if I can help on this.
  8. Something was broken with the latest installer. After reinstalling the previous version (AppleUSBCDCDriver1.0b.pkg) I was able get the serial port appearing again.
  9. I think it does work, I compiled mspdebug 0.17, now I have some errors when uploading, but it still works.
  10. Funny that you say that. Even TI uses these on some of the boards. The Piccolo controlStick has one. I guess that's why it's only 25% off, from the picture it looks like a ft2232, wich is quite expensive.
  11. Yes! I'm using binaries from http://osx-launchpad.blogspot.com/ AppleUSBCDCDriver 1.0.1b.pkg :clap:
  12. I just removed the kext and restarted as you suggested (version 1.0b) Now I will try to test if programming works with the launchpad.
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