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    We are excited to welcome Saleae as a Sponsor to 43oh. Saleae makes USB-based logic analyzers which can record over 1 billion samples and decode SPI, I2C, Serial, 1-Wire, CAN, Manchester and I2S. They are known for their Logic 8 and Logic 16 Analyzer and very intuitive user interface.

    We have met them at a couple of Maker Faires and are a fun bunch of people.


    43oh members get an exclusive offer with Saleae : a 20% discount on their order. It will be valid for the next two weeks (until November 13th).  When the code is entered, it will display "43oh.com" in the checkmark box (see picture below which currently says "Educational Discount").  Code: SWGRB5HJ


    If you are ordering a Logic 8 Analyzer, drop them a thank you note for sponsoring our community.

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