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    Mobile check

    @bluehash test
  2. Thanks! Will be getting one for myself.
  3. Getting close to the RasPi. This time it even has a HDMI port. http://www.newark.com/jsp/bespoke/bespoke7.jsp?bespokepage=newark/en_US/landing/beaglebone/beaglebone.jsp&CMP=EMC-22606662 More details of the BeagleBone-Black at the circuitco page with pics! via reddit.
  4. sparky

    Anyone received their Launchpad?

    Hi there, Has anyone received their TI launchpad kit (MSP-EXP430G2) yet? I'm still waiting on two of mine. Its hopefully here by next week.
  5. I was planning to get some PCBs done for my Launchpad when they come in. This will also be a good starting point for me to learn schematic PCB design. Does anyone have any suggesstions? I know Eagle is widely used. Is this mostly preferred? Thanks!
  6. Thanks! I'm thinking equalizer.
  7. sparky

    Electricity monitor - need some help

    Wow! Your close. Thanks for the update. Few handy links, found by querying Arduino and Kill-A-Watt http://www.mcqn.com/weblog/mazzini_moni ... _appliance http://jarv.org/pwrmon.shtml http://www.gekgasifier.com/2010/04/powe ... n-arduino/ http://pluggy.is-a-geek.com/arduino/index.html HTH.
  8. sparky

    Electricity monitor - need some help

    Any new updates on this?
  9. o_o nice! One question though - Is the schematic as simple as connecting the VCC, GND, DATA and CLK?
  10. sparky

    Hello From Michigan

    Welcome Joe!
  11. Someone was able to connect to the Launchpad using a MAC. If anyone is using a Mac as a development machine, this may be of help: http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php ... h_Homebrew
  12. sparky

    Quick and dirty 74HC595 shift register demo

    you should be able to. Looks like they do the same thing. 8-bit serial in, parallel out.
  13. sparky

    Hello from Toronto

    Welcome to the forums! I'm on your easter egg
  14. sparky

    List of MSP430 Webpages and Blogs

    A lot of MSP430 reverse engineering stuff by Travis Goodman.
  15. sparky

    What program to use for schematic and PCB design

    Thanks for all your replies.
  16. sparky

    MSP430 tools for linux

    Nice writeup. If you can hook it up to Eclipse, there is no need to learn GDB commands(maybe minimal)... and you get a graphical GUI debugger.
  17. sparky

    What program to use for schematic and PCB design

    Wow.. Thanks! Looking forward to your board files. Liked your Launchpad shield idea.
  18. sparky

    What program to use for schematic and PCB design

    Hi Geekdoc! Thanks for the site suggestion. How did you learn to make them. Any references?
  19. sparky

    10 Beginner MSP430 Tutorials And Counting

    I'm using some of his tutorials already! Very easy to understand and implement.
  20. sparky

    What program to use for schematic and PCB design

    Here is their link: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/tutori ... als_id=108
  21. sparky

    What program to use for schematic and PCB design

    Thanks plazma! Sparkfun has some good tutorials on using Eagle for schematic and PCB design. All their designs are based on Eagle.
  22. sparky

    Art installations

    Gatesphere, did you look at low power RF for the MSP430? Looks like they are based over zigbee. http://focus.ti.com/mcu/docs/mcuorphan. ... ntId=24576