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  1. Hello. I made repository on github: https://github.com/JFF-Bohdan/dht22 Here you can download modified version of DHT22/DHT11 library. This version based on topic starter code: https://github.com/MORA99/Stokerbot/tree/master/Libraries/dht Changes: stable work - bug fix for timeouts in DHT22 support; buffered support of data readings (ints and floats supported) - allows you read data faster, using internal buffer which holds saved data for tuned timeout; wiring and tech documentation (included into repository). dht22.ino based on DhtBuffered class which implements buffered suppor
  2. Library for MSP430 internal temperature sensor usage. This sensor is not very precise but can be used if necessary. You can access source code and see example file here: https://github.com/JFF-Bohdan/msp430intertempsensor Notice, that you can use float values for temperature or int16 (also with decimal part of temperature value). When using int16 temperature will be returned in this way: 23.5 C will be returned as 235 (0xEB) integer value; 54.3 C will be returned as 543 (0x21F) integer value When using float values (on my MSP430G2553) memory usage will be like this: binary sketch size: 7 62
  3. Hello. I sent you all data. Please, tell me if you like it
  4. Hello, Mora. I tried your library and found that code does not works properly all the time. After system was powered up, few readings is OK and after that readFloatData() and readRawData() returns error (on my MSP430G2553 Launch pad). I fixed this problem and also added two classes which buffers data from DHT22 and saves them in the internal memory. So, when you want get data faster than 1 time per 2 seconds (for DHT22) data will be returned from internal memory. How can I send this fixes to you? Do you want them?
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