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  1. Ehsan

    mDNS and CC3200

    Thanks a lot for your help. Ehsan
  2. Ehsan

    mDNS and CC3200

    I was wondering if anybody used mDNS function in energia for CC3200? If yes, could you please provide a simple example. Thanks
  3. I was wondering if anybody tried to connect to the CC3200 in AP mode and THEN switch to STA mode. If I don't connect to the CC3200 in AP mode, it will switch to the STA (using what paoloIT suggested). But, if I connect to the board in AP mode (using my computer or smart phone) and then try to switch to STA, it freezes.
  4. Ehsan

    How to delete mysimplelink.net web page

    Hi PaoloIT, Can I ask how you change it to "myname.net". Mine is mysimplelink.net in AP mode.
  5. Ehsan

    No response on Webserver with POST method

    I have the same problem. Did you find any solution?
  6. Hi Sana95, Thanks for the reply. I would like to use the AP mode and don't want to use smartconfig() to connect to my home wife.
  7. Hi, I am trying to connect my CC3200 to the home WiFi using the AP mode. I was wondering if there is any sample code for that? I have difficulty to communicate with the CC3200 webserver and send my WiFi info through the html form. I tried to use Webduino but no success. Thanks,