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  1. Thanks a lot for your help. Ehsan
  2. I was wondering if anybody used mDNS function in energia for CC3200? If yes, could you please provide a simple example. Thanks
  3. I was wondering if anybody tried to connect to the CC3200 in AP mode and THEN switch to STA mode. If I don't connect to the CC3200 in AP mode, it will switch to the STA (using what paoloIT suggested). But, if I connect to the board in AP mode (using my computer or smart phone) and then try to switch to STA, it freezes.
  4. Hi PaoloIT, Can I ask how you change it to "myname.net". Mine is mysimplelink.net in AP mode.
  5. Hi Sana95, Thanks for the reply. I would like to use the AP mode and don't want to use smartconfig() to connect to my home wife.
  6. Hi, I am trying to connect my CC3200 to the home WiFi using the AP mode. I was wondering if there is any sample code for that? I have difficulty to communicate with the CC3200 webserver and send my WiFi info through the html form. I tried to use Webduino but no success. Thanks,
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