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  1. Hii All... I'm new to msp430g2 series MCUs. Is there any UART and USB bootloaders for MSP430G2 series MCUs ??
  2. I've used used energia for programming, but i wanated to move towards the native c programming for msp430g2 series. So how to use mspgcc to compile c code and generate hex files?? I heve downloaded the mspgcc from the following link : http://sourceforge.net/projects/mspgcc/files/Windows/mingw32/ Please tell me how to compile c code for windows and get hex file .............
  3. I've noticed a library called usbserial in energia ,which I haven't found in arduino. What is this library all about?? Does this library allows us to communicate our msp430 to the computer directly through usb?? If you guy's worked with this library please tell me what it is........
  4. Hi..... I am new to MSP430G2 series microcontrollers, I tried using Energia since it is similar to Arduino. In my project I use msp430g2231 microcontroller where in I wanted to interface TSOP1738 and receive the data's from the philips ir remote, but the "irRemote.h" library compiles only with MSP430G2553 board. For all other MSP430G2 series boards available under tools --> boards , it gives an error. I searched for other libraries but couldn't find anything similar to "irRemote.h" library. Don't know what to do...... Please Help...... .
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