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  1. Hi, Try to provide further info. I do not have a PS/2 controller. You mentioned it is a wireless one, but later you talk about SPI. So, I imagine your problem is the SPI connection. Try to replace the controller with something you can rely on what is sending (e.g., bus pirate or similar). You need to detect the problem before solving it. Best,
  2. Do everything again step by step to detect the problem. For the LED: are you using the includes green LED of the board? Check if second jumper at left-bottom is connected.
  3. If you are new, there are a couple of things you should improve in your code. Try to understand the difference between REG = YYYY // UPTADES THE FULL REGISTER REG TO YYYY REG &= ~YYYY // UPDATES TO 0 CERTAIN BITS OF THE REGISTER REG (ACCORDING TO THE BITS SET IN YYYY) REG |= YYYY // UPDATES TO 1 CERTAIN BITS OF THE REGISTER REG (ACCORDING TO THE BITS SET IN YYYY) So, thing again about what your are doing setting twice the registers P1DIR (0=input 1=output) and P1OUT (0=output low 1=output high) P1DIR &= 0x00; // reseting the P1DIR register P1OUT &= 0x00;
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