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  1. Hey thanks for all the info, i will study driverlib then. But still, are there any tutorial videos or articles you can recommend? Max
  2. Hi, i cant really find a good documentatioin for the CC3200 pogramming in CCS. I am looking for a beginners guide explaining the energia functioins like "digitalWrite(pin)", millis(), micros(), digitalPinToBitMask(pin), digitalPinToPort(pin) etc. Sure, i looked a the examples in the SDK, tried the built in help in CCS and googled a lot, but i didnt find a good documentation on how to do basic tasks... Can you point me to some tutorials or documents explaining the total basics? Thanks a lot, Max
  3. Hi, its great to see people from so many different places here! Max
  4. Hello, my plan is to use the built in serial flash memory of the CC3200 launchpad board (it holds 8 mbit, its a 25PE80VP from ST) for storing multiple GIF files. Can anyone give me a hint how to save/load from the serial flash and what is the type of file system? Sorry if its a nonsense question, i am quite new to CC3200... Cheers, Max
  5. I could get 1300 WS2812b LEDs working fluently on the CC3200. I modified the Adafruit Neopixel library using Utilsdelay() timing and adjusted the registers, now it works
  6. I made a running program / library on CC3200 for WS 2812b now. Still optimizing but it runs well already with 1280 pixels.
  7. Hi, its actually for WS2812b / APA-104 LEDs. They are fast enough. Unfortunately i didnt manage to get them working with cc3200 yet. There doesnt seem to be any examples
  8. Thanks, i will look into that. Do you think this program is scalable to 1500 leds on a strip (the preset now is 8 ). So a much bigger number of leds... Will this program be fast enough?
  9. Hi, my goal is to use WS2811/2812 LED Strips with TI CC 3200. i found this sketch (see attachment from here) and want to use it on cc3200. When i try to compile in energia, it doesnt work for cc3200, it says "test_WS2811_stellaris.ino:25:24: fatal error: inc/hw_ssi.h: No such file or directory" Can you point me in the right direction to adjust this sketch for CC3200? Thanks, Max test_WS2811_stellaris.ino
  10. Hi! Great coding, sir! Any chance this can run on cc3200? With the current program it doesnt work, cause it cant find "inc/hw_ssi.h". Can you just say if its possible to use it with some alterations on the cc3200, or do i need to make something like this from scratch?
  11. Hi, i found the problem: Its related to my 64-bit Ubuntu OS. I did: sudo apt-get install lib32z1 lib32ncurses5 lib32bz2-1.0 and now it works! Cheers, Max
  12. Hi, i just got energia for Ubuntu 14.04. I installed it in /opt/energia14. I can execute energia just fine, i set up a sketchbook and loaded an example sketch. In Boards i selected "LaunchPad w/ cc3200". When i want to Verify/Compile, i get the following error: It says: Cannot run program /opt/energia14/hardware/tools/lm4f/bin/arm-no-eabi-g++: error =2, No such file or directory Can you please give me a hint in the right direction? Is that a common error or did i select something wrong in the IDE? Cheers, Max
  13. Hi, i was redirected here from energia.nu? Is that the right place for TI CC3200 and energia topics? Greets, Max
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