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  1. Someone can helpme, i'm taking incorrect readings of a magnetometer I believe with the problem are in my i2c code implementation. /* * Print all printable characters on usb channel using UART mode of USCI module * the print is based in busy wait to transfer characters */ #include "msp/msp430g2553.h" void configureDCO(); void configureUART(); void putc(char); void print (const char[]); void print (short); void printStatus(); main() { configureDCO(); configureUART(); UCB0CTL1 = UCSWRST; //Reset USCI UCB0CTL0 = // USCI_B0 control register UCMST
  2. Hi I'm try use this library to msp430g2553 + hmc5883l, at principle to read de ID default on this slave device, my main code use your library but doesn't work /*** USCI master library ************************************************************ In this file the usage of the USCI I2C master library without DMA support is shown. This library uses pointers to specify what data is to be sent. When calling the TI_USCI_I2C_receive or TI_USCI_I2C_transmit routines the number of bytes, which are to be transmitted or received have to be passed as well as a pointer to a data field, that contains
  3. I try use this library, but this it's suitable for msp430g2553 device, i do some corrections to work with the msp430g2553, like the SCL SDA pins and port configuration, but persists doesn't working. The msp430g2553 have a Errata Datasheet with big inssures on USCI module I2C Mode, my unique option is read this Errada and try correct the library to msp430g2553 device. If someone have this knowledge please help us. MSP430G2553 Technical Documents: http://www.ti.com/product/MSP430G2553/technicaldocuments
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