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  1. @nemui-kuma Hey man, that is an interesting project you have there! For my Design course I am supposed to create a device similar and was hoping to get reference from yours. In your schematic you have some devices labelled P1 A-Out and P2 SBW. I am guessing A out is analog out but what piece does SBW refer to? Also does the midi input come from a usb cable?
  2. Hey all, Im starting to create a music synth using the MSP430G2553, or the MSP430F5529. Eventually It will be transferred over the TI's Audiosink device which is created for music applications but right now will practice with the chips readily available. PWM apparently is not a quality means of getting clear output so I am curious of what other ways there are to go. This is my first time creating a synthesizer so my knowledge is limited but learning how to is really exciting to me. Do you know any tips/ideas on where and how to begin? What parts are usually required?
  3. Hey everyone, Just wanted to say Hi. My name is Joe and at the moment, my goal is to create and learn some DIY projects to become more attuned with the MSP430. If you know any places to start building, then let me know! Cheers, Joe H.
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