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  1. I seem to have a shakey begin() method now. Sometimes it works (will connect to ap) and others it just seems to freeze.
  2. Me too! But my solution seems to freeze every now and again. I added this to the start of "int WiFiClass::begin(char* ssid, char *passphrase)" in WiFi.cpp: int iRet = sl_Start(NULL, NULL, NULL); // //set the mode to station if it's not already in station mode // if (iRet != ROLE_STA) { sl_WlanSetMode(ROLE_STA); role = ROLE_STA; sl_Stop(0); sl_Start(NULL, NULL, NULL); } There is likely a better solution as I am not completely sure what I'm doing so it'd be awesome to see yours PaoloIT, Edit: The random freezing seems to have stopped no
  3. This method seems to work fine before beginNetwork() is used. Afterwards, it freezes at WiFi.disconnect() (before the "theoretically disconnected" prompt is displayed). Without the disconnect(), it would freeze at begin(...). void SetupSTA() { wifiMode = WIFI_MODE_STA; // Initiates Station Mode Serial.print("Connecting to Access Point: "); Serial.println(sta_ssid); WiFi.disconnect(); delay(5000); Serial.print("Theoretically disconnected"); if(sta_key != 0) // If WEP Key exists... WiFi.begin(sta_ssid, sta_key, sta_password); // Conne
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