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  1. I've solved, it was an error in freq. measurement. But I've noticed that I have a huge gap between one word and another word in SPI communication. I take about 400ns to send 8bit and there is nosending time of about 800ns between two consecutive word. There is a way to reduce that?
  2. I've tryed: SPI_CLOCK_DIV1 and I get a 3Mhz(with aprox. 4Mhz). But I want to run SPI at 20Mhz. This is SPI clock config: MAP_SPIConfigSetExpClk(SSIBASE,MAP_PRCMPeripheralClockGet(PRCM_GSPI), 16000000, SPI_MODE_MASTER, SPI_MODE0, (SPI_HW_CTRL_CS | SPI_4PIN_MODE | SPI_TURBO_OFF | SPI_CS_ACTIVELOW | SPI_WL_8)); I've tryed to change 16000000 but value doesn't match with clock since I can change it up to 40000000 and higher clock I get is about 6Mhz, over 40000000 clock drop to 10
  3. Energia SPI library. On CC3200 SPI can run up to 20Mhz but on library is fixed to 4Mhz like Arduino SPI. I want to run full at 20Mhz but I can set this speed. I've tryed to change library but max. I get is 6Mhz.
  4. Hi all, I want to ask what is maximum speed(clock) I can reach with SPI on CC3200 with this libraries and how I can change them to get higher clock.
  5. Thank you. I've found a simple WiFi packet sender and tested "WiFi UDP Send and Receive String" and works well. Also I've tryed "WiFi Web Client" in AP mode, seems to be slow and sometimes stop working but works. But when I try to create AP with UDP it doesn't send or recive any packets.
  6. I've tryed this code and works well, created an AP, connected with another device and get device IP. But now I want to send a packed. Which function allow me to do this? For example: TCP or UDP protocol, to this IP, data variable. Also, there is a monitor software that allow me to see this packets that or send data to CC3200? I've found that I can use somethink like packet sniffer, but isn't pratical. Thanks for your help!
  7. Hi all, I can't find all functions I can use with WiFi library. If I start CC3200 in AP and a device connect to CC3200, with which commands I can communicate with it? I see all examples use client functions but all case CC3200 connect to an existing network. What I want to do is start CC3200 in AP mode, let connect one client, start communication with this client with sending and reciving packets.
  8. Hi all, I've tryed SLFS library and works very well but I've have some problems with interrupts. I've created and opened file in setup. Now I put in the interrupt the function of file write but when interrupt occurs code stop working. Here's code: Setup: SerFlash.begin(); SerFlash.open("myfile.txt", FS_MODE_OPEN_CREATE(400000, _FS_FILE_OPEN_FLAG_COMMIT)); SerFlash.close(); SerFlash.open("myfile.txt", FS_MODE_OPEN_WRITE); pinMode(INT, INPUT_PULLUP); attachInterrupt(INT, IntFunction, FALLING); IntFunction: SerFlash.write(data);
  9. Hi all, I want to ask if there is another pin(in addition to the pin 4) on CC3200 Launchbox that I can use as interrupt.
  10. LaunchPad CC3200 Energia 14 Windows 7 64-bit Hi all, I'm trying to generate a PWM signal but I can understand relationship between this commands: MAP_TimerLoadSet MAP_TimerMatchSet MAP_TimerPrescaleSet MAP_TimerPrescaleMatchSet Suppose I prescale Cpu_freq to 255. Now I've done two test with a Led: If I use TimerPrescaleMatchSet: - TimerLoadSet and TimerMatchSet are ignored; - I have more brightness led; - I can change duty cycle with TimerPrescaleMatchSet. If I don't use TimerPrescaleMatchSet and set TimerLoadSet and TimerMatchSet at 60000 and 30000: - I have ver
  11. Hi all, I want to ask how can I generate clock on a pin with CC3200. In arduino code there is something like: // // Use of timer2 to generate a signal for a particular frequency on pin 11 // // const int freqOutputPin = 11; // OC2A output pin for ATmega328 boards //const int freqOutputPin = 10; // OC2A output for Mega boards // Constants are computed at compile time // If you change the prescale value, it affects CS22, CS21, and CS20 // For a given prescale value, the eight-bit number that you // load into OCR2A determines the frequency according to the // following formulas: //
  12. Hi all, I've Launchbox cc3200 and I want to ask if I can program using port registers(like PORTB in arduino). In particular if I should refer to PORTB registers like in an Atmel processor or if I can use Cortex registers.
  13. Hi all, I'm interested into cc3200 launchpad and i want to ask some questions. cc3200 launchpad is already usable with Energia framework when you buy it? Do it need a special module to be able to use it with energia? It need to be loaded a special firmware, bootloader? Energia Wifi libraries for cc3200 are well working? Since cc3200 datasheet say 16mbps UDP and 12mbps TCP of data throughput, some one have accomplished this speeds? How much is the max data throughput for Energia wifi libraries and in which conditions? Thank you!
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