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  1. Hi Rei, I try to use your library with my CC3200. I want to attach two vcnl4000 proximity sensors to te board. Because of the fixed I2C address I have to use a software interface. I have a problem with your library. When a try to compile I get the following error: C:\Users\myway\Documents\energia-0101E0015\hardware\cc3200\libraries\I2C_SoftwareLibrary\I2C_SoftwareLibrary.cpp: In function 'void delayI2Cms(uint16_t)': C:\Users\myway\Documents\energia-0101E0015\hardware\cc3200\libraries\I2C_SoftwareLibrary\I2C_SoftwareLibrary.cpp:33:48: error: '__delay_cycles' was not declared in this scope
  2. Hi Eric, I provided you some example code at github https://github.com/energia/Energia/pull/545#issuecomment-75764573 Way
  3. Hi spirilis, last days I was trying very hard to send a HTTP REST API call to a server via https. The GET request was well formated and worked well from my PC. But when I sent the same request from my C3200 launchpad I got a "bad request" error 400 after a successful connect. I started with your example code and adaped it with my host and URL. Finally I found out that it only works when I split my URL with several parameters, in multiple client.print commands. It seams that there is someting wrong with the length of a URL. Maybe the URL will be trucated after an certain amount characters b
  4. Hi Zack, your Library does not work with Energia 0101E0014 and the CC3200 Launchpad. The Wifi library does not contain a TCPclient.h Can you help me with this issue please? Wayfarer
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