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  1. It works! I copied the needed files from 16 (linux) to my 15 windows version! I hope to see launchpad related examples! the FR4133 launchpad has a nice lcd display! Thank you
  2. The first link (windows link) did not not work first! https://s3.amazonaws.com/energiaUS/energia-0101E0016-windows.zip I downloaded the linux one, Copied files from 16 to 15 and it worked. I then checked the link back and was able to download energia 16. Thank you very much! It now supports FR4133 and FR6989 and both look fine!
  3. I got a free sample from TI (MSP-430FR6989),after soldering and wiring, I tried adding it as new board to Energia, but no success! I then selected FR5969 as the board on energia tools and used an FR5969 board that I already have to program the 6989, I was able to blink an led. My question; how to add the 6989 to energia to make use of all its capabilities?
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