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  1. Hi I am currently porting from Arduino to MSP430 platform. I want to port to attached Modbus Master and slave library to Energia. In modbus we have to set parity of serial communication, parity function is not there in MSP430 HardwareSerial.ccp library can anyone help me to add this function in energia library? Problem is not with modbus library but with Energia core library. Thanks SimpleModbusMasterV12.rar SimpleModbusSlaveV9.rar
  2. Hi all I am new to TI environment, before this all of my projects were based on Arduino. I have developed one circuit with 5969 launchpad its working fine. Now I want to make it my own custom pcb for my application. I wanted to know by keeping two test pins for Spy Bi Wire on my pcb can I program my micro controller with help of my launch pad? And/Or which is best practice for ISP programming MSP430 micro controllers?
  3. i did started launchpad after a long time no loss of memory. as of now i am sticking with infomem. As i get familiar with MSP430 and embedded C we can investigate this issue further
  4. Hi with .text garbage value is getting saved when i press button. int low __attribute__((section(".infomem"))); int high __attribute__((section(".infomem"))); is working for me as of now let me power on launch pad after long time. And by tomorrow i will let you know if its still working or not Thanks man!
  5. I did following modification in my energia code but after restarting i am getting garbage value! Not the one which was saved when pressing button. int low __attribute__ ((section (".noinit"))) = 0xC200; int high __attribute__ ((section (".noinit"))) = 0xC400;
  6. Hello All! This is my first post on this forum. So kindly excuse me if i do any faux pas! I am planning to shift to MSP430 after using arduino for long time. I have written a small code to read ADC value and when i press a button adc value gets stored in a variable. Now want I want is to make available this value even after microcontroller restarts. Can anyone tell me how to store variable in Non volatile FRAM? I am using MSP430FR5969 launchpad. I have looked into following examples but they are of not helping me. I am using Energia to program my launchpad. http:
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