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  1. I tested Kepler and the result is the same. Another GDB version perhaps?
  2. Hi All I'm running out of ideas. I'm busy with a Thingsquare project running Contiki 2.7 in Eclipse Luna. Running on Windows8.1 (Yes I know.....) The project runs fine and my hardware performs well. The problem I have is that when I need to debug, Eclipse Luna goes into the main loop and I can step in the main loop and set break points as needed and the debugger stops at the break points. If I set a break point deeper in my code , say at an UART processing thread ( in side the thread) Eclipse Luna stops and spits out just the assembly code. I can see this is where my break point is set , I can step the assembly but not the C source code. Also can not see the variables. Im running GDB7.7.1 Client and the XDS GDB debugger agent I got from the TI web site. The Agent indicates that it has hit a breakpoint. Running MSP-430 gcc Ver4.7.0 as required by the Thingsquare platform, Have set my out put format to DWARF3 for the Debugger, no optomizations What am I doing wrong and what don't I understand. I need to get this sorted out, it will greatly reduce my current debug methods. Kind regards ben
  3. Hi All I'm New to ubuntu the MSP430. But not new to embedded programming and hardware design I want to install Ubuntu 14.04 in VMware then install the MSP430GCC toolchain from source I found this link: http://colotronics.blogspot.com/2014/08/msp430-toolchain-in-ubuntu-1404-with.html Can anyone confirm that this will work. Ihave been around the web regarding this topic and struggle to get all the steps without error. The bigges is to get Ubuntu amd64 to properly installed as a VM in VMware. I need to do it like that as some of my older applications etc still run on Win95. So I have a few Virtual machines running. Hope someone can help Kind regards Ben
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