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    any indication of when that might happen?
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    I have found the Energia pin map pdf's are difficult to match with the (several) pin numbering systems so I created an Excel spreadsheet to combine all of these. It's in a spreadsheet so you can sort on any column. This makes it much easier to find the pins and their functions. The pin functional groups are color coded. 
    Two sample images of the tables are included, one based on the Boosterpack pins (booster_pack), and the second on the breadboard pins (breadboard). Numbering lists include physical pins X6-X9, boosterpack pins A1- D2, GPIO pins PA-PQ, and digital pin-to-port numbers 1-95
    Attached Images Attached Files  TM4C1294 Board Pinouts_V3.zip   45.36KB  0 downloads

    View the full article on Stellarisiti. 43oh pulls Stellarisiti Energia posts, so that members do not miss out questions. Please bear with this arrangement for now. Thanks!
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