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  1. Thanks for your feedback. No joy here neither. And after a few days of resultless tweaking, I need to start playing with the MSP! So I installed CCS on my virtual Win7 and it worked right after install. Not ready yet to leave Win! Linux could be so frustrating...
  2. Hi, I have problems to communicate with my Launchpad MSPEXP430G2 using ccsv6 or msp430-gcc on Fedora 20. What I don't understand is that Energia transmits to the Launchpad normally (LEDs are already blinking...). I followed step-by-step guides found on the net, create udev rules, finally switch to root to avoid wasting time on Linux stuff, but I still have the same error messages. In the new TI/RedHat GCC (installed from the provided .run installer), when I connect GDB to the agent with the command 'target remote :55000', I get this message in the GDB agent: MSP430 Client connected...Connecting to Target Couldn't find any connected USB FETs! Failed to initialize FET on TIUSB port. Aborting. MSP430 Error :Could not find MSP-FET430UIF on specified COM port In CCSv6 (installed with the .bin installer) , when I start debug, I get in the console: MSP430: Error initializing emulator: No USB FET was found As I said, I run these in root, and Energia is able to communicate and transmits to the Launchpad on the same computer. Any clue to what I missed here? I tried to search web and forums with no results (even if I'm not confident with my searching skills...). Maybe I have to compile the toolchain from source instead of running the installer? I may try this next. I'll try next week on a Windows computer too. But I still don't understand why gcc and ccs can't do what energia can out of the box. Tough to be a complete rookie.
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    Hi! just received my Launchpad a week ago. I'm new to this world and the MSP430 seems a nice platform to start. I work on Fedora 20 at this moment. But after a few blinking LEDs, I already have some questions... See you next room...
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